Alterri offers unique services in distribution and transfer services.

At Your Service

One of the qualities of our services is always adapt our processes to the changing needs of our customers. Within these adjustments it is to utilize the most appropriate tools for the management and safety of different types of shipments, avoiding any damage or deterioration. Additionally Alterri features warehouses and yards designed for the efficient management of arrival and departure of shipments. Likewise, the technology developed allows our customers to view real-time status of their shipments. All this gives results in having the best time standards in the industry. For this reason Alterri offers unique services in distribution services and transfers.

General Services
  • Distribution
  • LTL Service
  • Transload FTL (Dry Van, open cargo , cooled, etc.)
  • Transload Oversize / Overweight
  • Storage
  • Verification of Merchandise
  • Palletized Goods
  • Pick and Pack
  • Commodity Quality Inspections
  • Labeling
  • Food Grade Warehousing
  • eCommerce
Clients Relations
The permanent contact with our customers allows us to capture in our processes any adaptation that improves the service. For this reason, we are in contact with the suppliers of our customers, we work together to evaluate and recommend what are the best practices for strapping, stowage, accommodation and boarding lock when making a transload or distribution and thus, avoid delivering shipments out of compliance but rather with a level of quality that every customer expects.

Cross Dock

Advantages of our crossdock services

  • Streamlines the supply chain from the point of origin to destination.
  • Increase the installed capacity of the transportation company.
  • Ensures that the shipment is delivered with the agreed quantity and quality, to inspect the goods,
  • Efficiency of the best times of transloads in the industry.
  • Visibility at the border prior to arrival at destination.
  • Security as they are received and the goods are shipped.
  • Warranty service performed according to customer specifications
  • The products reach the customer faster.
Open Cargo

Alterri has over 35 years experience in the transloading of services such as:

  • Removable Goose Necks (RGN)
  • Step Deck
  • Low Bed “Low Boys”
  • Overweight and oversize “Over Dimensions / Over Weight”
  • Platforms “Flat Beds”

Inventory Control
Our inventory control enables us to keep our customer informed about each their shipment at all times. The customer receives real-time information on the status of their goods.

All this information is available to all our customers through our Warehouse management system (WMS) from the very first shipment. Our Technology Department assigns a user ID and password to maintain permanent visibility of their shipments.